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The DryHomes system is touch-less waterproofing technology Non-invasive product

DryHomes specializes in drying buildings and their moisture protection against capillary water rising. This wireless electronic technology reflects the most advanced inventions in the field of waterproofing in construction and building renovation.

DryHomes Stations are manufactured according to North American standards in Europe exclusively for DryHomes-Division of BOST Enterprises Inc.



DryHomes Station is CSA approved.
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Best Technology

We are dedicated to high-quality products and services. By choosing the DryHomes system you choose the best technology and exceptional service. During the installation of a DryHomes Station and during the drying process that follows installation, the building can be used as usual, without any interruption.



The DryHomes system is touch-less waterproofing technology. Installation of this system requires no construction work, no digging around a house and no boring into the walls. It does not require chemicals or wires applied to walls. Installation is done in a day: the DryHomes Station is mounted to a wall and requires only an electric socket.


Improved Living

Thanks to DryHomes system the musty smell, common in damp places, disappears as soon as the place dries out. Mould associated with the odor die and therefore the environment in the building becomes healthier. The DryHomes system is ideal for all kinds of buildings and especially for old and historic buildings as it is touch-less to their physical structure.

Its different unique

Effectiveness: DryHomes system is highly effective in a radius of up to 50 feet (100 feet in diameter). It operates well in all weather conditions and with all materials used in construction, from bricks, and stone to wood, and concrete.

In most cases, a single DryHomes Station can dry out all of the dwelling’s walls, including the basement. In the case of a large building, multiple stations may be required to cover the entire area of that building.

Long-life: Maintenance-free operation and low cost make the DryHomes system significantly cheaper than any other traditional building waterproofing methods. A DryHomes Station is a long-life device that runs continuously for decades and requires no maintenance. Tested in a laboratory, DryHomes Stations are designed to operate trouble-free for at least 30 years.

The energy cost of running a Dryhomes Station is as low as about $1 per month. In addition, the DryHomes system reduces energy bills up to 50% as it takes more energy to heat up or cool down wet walls than moisture-free walls.

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