Why Use Dryhomes – Advantages


No construction work:

No construction work is required for the installation of the DryHomes system. No changes to the structure of a building required as is often necessary with mechanical and chemical waterproofing methods. There is no noise, no dirt, and no rubble around the building.

Inexpensive, affordable & quick method:

The cost of the DryHomes system is significantly lower compared with other traditional waterproofing methods. The unit is installed in a day and starts to work immediately. The energy consumption of operating DryHomes wall drying system is currently approximately $1 per month.

Lowers energy costs:

Damp walls cool down the interior of a building in the winter and warm it up in the summer because most walls are a good heat conductor. The heat insulation of dry building materials is significantly more efficient. This becomes noticeable in the long run by lower energy bills.

Mold dies away:

Mold needs moisture to grow. After dehumidifying of a building, mold dies away and can be easily removed mechanically without the use of chemicals.

Musty odor disappears:

The unpleasant odor produced by mold disappears shortly after commissioning the DryHomes system.

A refreshed and pleasant room environment:

In houses with moist walls, rooms are musty and cold. Homes become dry and cozy with a pleasant room environment after installation of the DryHomes system.