DryHome Electroosmotic Waterproofing System

How it Works

In a natural environment ground water can rise from ground level to a height of several meters in a building’s walls over time. This is a physical phenomenon known as osmosis. The DryHomes Station emits a specific form of environmentally friendly, low frequency weak electromagnetic waves causing reverse osmosis. This means that water particles in the wall’s capillaries start moving opposite to the initial direction i.e. towards the ground and the atmosphere. As a result, the water is forced back to the ground and to the air and walls lose their moisture until they are dry.

  • The DryHomes Station is installed permanently while the building continues to be used normally.
  • The unit is usually installed on the basement wall, in a central location for the range of DryHomes Station’s electromagnetic waves to cover the area of the entire building.
  • The DryHomes Station is left on, even after drying is complete, because its continuous emission of electromagnetic waves creates an invisible membrane around the building, preventing re-absorption of water.


The time required to dry a building ranges from 2 to 12 months and depends on variety of factors, for example: material type used to build walls and their thickness, initial amount of moisture and its salt content. In exceptional cases the drying process may take up to 36 months.

The cost of running DryHomes Station equals to its electricity consumption and is about $1 monthly.


Dimensions of the unit:

  • Width: 7.5”
  • Height: 7.5”
  • Depth: 3.5”

Technical parameters:

  • Supply voltage: 120 V 60 Hz
  • Power input 1.5 W
  • Size of magnetic induction
  • B- in the surrounding of the device (15cm) 01.-0.6 µT

Size of the magnetic field strength:

  • E- in the surrounding of the device (15cm) 10-110 V/m
  • Frequency of emission 9,5 Hz
  • Cost of the energy used by the unit is about $1 per month.

The action radius of the DryHomes Station depends above all on the wall thickness and ranges between 50 to 80 feet. Our representative will choose the most suitable location in particular building and install the device.



No construction work:

No construction work is required for the installation of DryHomes system. No changes to the structure of a building required as is often necessary with mechanical and chemical waterproofing methods. There is no noise, no dirt and no rubble around the building.

Inexpensive, affordable & quick method:

The cost of DryHomes system is significantly lower compared with other traditional waterproofing methods.The unit is installed in a day and starts to work immediately. The energy consumption of operating DryHomes wall drying system is currently approximately $1 per month.

Lowers energy costs:

Damp walls cool down the interior of a building in the winter and warm it up in the summer because moist walls are good heat conductor. The heat insulation of dry building materials is significantly more efficient. This becomes noticeable in the long run by lower energy bills.

Mold dies away:

Mold needs moisture to grow. After dehumidifying of a building, mold dies away and can be easily removed mechanically without use of chemicals.

Musty odor disappears:

The unpleasant odor produced by mold disappears shortly after commissioning the DryHomes system.

A refreshed and pleasant room environment:

In houses with moist walls, rooms are musty and cold. Homes become dry and cozy with a pleasant room environment after installation of the DryHomes system.

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