A. The manufacturer’s warranty includes:

  1. Correct installation of the device by a trained representative. The cost of installation is included in the cost of the unit if the power source is close by. If not, the representative will quote for any additional cost.
  2. The removal of moisture from walls due to capillary rise from the ground through the foundations of the building. Water stops rising the moment the unit is installed and running.
  3. Drying walls to their natural humidity level of 3%-5% of absolute moisture within a maximum of 3 years of installation.
  4. Inspections of wall-drying progress every 6 months, as agreed in the contract. The cost of the inspection is included in the price if the unit is installed within 100 km of the representative’s headquarters. If the distance is greater than 100 km additional charge will be quoted by our representative.
  5. Free repairs of units for 20 years following installation.
  6. 100% money refund for 5 years following installation in case of lack of results described in Point-3.

B. The manufacturer’s warranty excludes:

  1. Drying basement walls and floors in cases where the ground water’s level is higher than the level of the basement floor. In such cases, it might be necessary to lower the groundwater level below the basement floor and reduce groundwater hydrostatic pressure through other methods, such as internal or external drainage.
  2. Buildings flooded as a result of roof damage, blocked gutters, leaking water supplies, and ineffective drainage. In short cases of water coming from any other source than directly from groundwater level are excluded.
  3. Note: If salt content in water is high, salt may crystallize on the wall’s surface as a side effect of the wall drying process causing damage to paintwork, plastering, etc. It is a natural process and the manufacturer or representative will not be responsible for any such damage.
  4. In cases of extremely high salt content surface, hygroscopic humidity may remain and plaster may need to be replaced as well as walls may need to be de-salted. Cases of high hygroscopic humidity are excluded from this warranty. A DryHomes representative will consult and advise about an appropriate time to replace plaster.

C. Loss of the warranty is caused by:

  1. Mechanical or water damage to the unit(s)
  2. Broken or tampered with seals on the unit(s).
  3. Disconnection of the unit(s) from the power supply. (The unit records each disconnection since during disconnection the walls are not being protected against moisture).